Fair Elections Illinois


Fair Elections Illinois is a coalition led by Common Cause Illinois that is working to reform our campaign finance system. We believe that it is the voices of the people, not special interest groups or large corporations, that politicians should be working to please. That's why we have started campaigns across Illinois to introduce public financing into local elections. Join us in the fight to hold power accountable and amplify the voices of the people.



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Evanston Campaign


Fair Elections Illinois is has formed a coalition, Equitable Evanston, with local Evanston community leaders to raise public support for campaign finance reform in the mayoral and aldermanic races. Find upcoming events and read about our proposals below.

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We are a country–a city–that believes people should have the power. But that’s not the system we live under. Take the time to take the necessary steps so that we can live under an electoral system that represents our values.
— Ibie Hart, Common Cause Illinois

Get Involved


Fair Elections IL is currently in the process of passing campaign finance reform in Evanston, IL but we need your help! In order to demonstrate community support, we have been on the ground, day and night, collecting signatures from Evanston residents who support publicly financing local elections.